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Our 5E Modular RPG returns with a Reprint, VTT Support & Scenarios

Fateforge is a self-contained RPG powered by an augmented 5E ruleset.

Following the sword & sorcery tradition, the adventurers will travel through grandiose landscapes and interact with exotic, colorful civilizations. By dint of skill, bravery, or cunning, they will overcome increasingly challenging ordeals, and perhaps find their way to the mythical Fateforge and ascend to godhood.

The Fateforge Tetralogy is already complete and is available as Pay What You Want on DriveThruRPG. This four-book series spans over 1,500 pages and won the silver Best Writing Ennie Award at GenCon 2022.


Fateforge: Adventurers
Fateforge Core Rulebook

Fateforge Core Rulebook:

Hardcover, full color
Number of pages: 400

Adventurers is Fateforge's core book: it covers character creation, the fundamentals of the world, game rules, and a multitude of playstyle options. Discover the universe of Eana and its many unique civilizations, battle the loathsome forces of Canker, find the lost portals of the Travelers, and ascend the stairs of the Fateforge!

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Fateforge Grimoire

Fateforge Spellbook:

Hardcover, full color
Number of pages: 320

Grimoire is focused on magic and includes many game options to give your campaign a unique atmosphere. Discover geomagic and learn more about the Awakening, delve into the dangers of madness and corruption, and choose your spells from a compendium of more than 360 spells presented in the tradition of medieval grimoires.

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Powered by a very robust and highly polished ruleset, Fateforge offers a heroic fantasy universe with a unique French touch: poetic and epic, with a rich lore and in-depth characterization.

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The Fateforge Tetralogy

This four-book series is over 1,500 pages long and includes:

The core book with an expanded version of the 5E game system
The book of magic
A comprehensive bestiary
Which depicts the world of Eana—enough to play the exciting games of your making!

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